portraitWilliam Dore
President & Chief Executive Officer

Years of Experience:  35

Education: St. Mary’s University

William Dore is President and Chief Executive Officer of SOHO Realty Partners, which he founded in 1999. Mr. Dore is an international real estate development and investment veteran. He has achieved notable success in the international real estate arena through a deep understanding of the intricacies of doing business in diverse cultures, as well as a genuine appreciation of the social values and customs that create the unique fabric of these regions. A graduate of SI. Mary’s University with a degree in economics and a J. D. in law, Mr. Dore began his career with Mitchell Development Corporation, a subsidiary of Mitchell Energy and Development, and later with Bentsen Interests in Houston, Texas. His subsequent career led him to Europe with Isade Fitraco developing hotels and industrial properties throughout Europe and the former Soviet Union. Prior to founding SOHO Realty Partners, Mr. Dore was a Senior Officer for Hines Mexico and Mitchell Energy and Development in the Woodlands.